The Issue

people without drinkable water
people without basic sanitation
of the worlds cropland is now irrigated
In many cases this results in poverty, migration, chronic diseases and a big loss of elementary development.

Our Mission

Sustainable Approach
  • Increase the access to basic needs as water and renewable energy solutions
  • Safeguard quality and availability of clean water
  • Promote resilient, independent and sustainable solutions

We contribute to at least 6 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

“AquaBREG supports and invests in local communities to realize the transition to a sustainable future. Our business is people driven: to make our planet future proof and sustainable. AquaBREG is independent. We are rooted locally, yet we think and act global.

One of our important concerns: feeding the world population adequately. By 2050, the world needs millions of acres of land that needs irrigation water* to transform the land towards agricultural production. We can help by producing arable water and contribute to a sustainable development.”

Alexander VosProject Manager
*Ref FAO: Economic and Social Development Department

Our Solution

Containerized Water Treatment System + Renewable Energy


Focus on 1 continuously evolving system being the expert of that system and technology. Experienced REN-management.


Compact system with large production capacity.

Energy Efficient

Maximum energy efficiency, grid and/or renewable energy. The REN-solution can be part of a bigger energy eco-system.


Mobile or semi-permanent. Plug & play. Fully modular and flexible, custom made.

Multiple Outputs

Drinking water - Arable water - Ultrapure/industry water


Use of A-label materials, durable and robust.

Close Follow-Up

Inhouse engineering and project management. Reliable maintenance program and support. Remote control and continuous monitoring.