An entire water purification system built into a sea container, deployable anywhere in the world.

The Process


Water Source Input

Sea Water, Brackish Water & Fresh Water.

System Power Input

Grid Connection, Generator (Hydrogen), Solar + Battery & Wind + Battery.


Remove all elements that influence the process. The system is adapted according to feed water quality. A screening of the feedwater is required.

Main Treatment

Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis Process.


Mineralization: addition of minerals or essential elements according to the requested water quality.

Water Output

Drinking Water, Arable Water & Industrial Process Water


The system was tested for three months last summer at Nieuwpoort-aan-zee.
An official lab took samples and concluded that the water produced meets the strict Belgian* and European* drinking water standard.
As of September, the system was tested at the river De Dijle in Leuven and we have already established without a doubt that the water produced meets the strict Belgian and European drinking water standard.

*Belgium: Flemish Decree 2002, *EU Directive (2020/2184)

Customized Solution

Every situation is unique. What are your needs?
The following questions help us to define the correct solution.
  • Water input?
  • System power input?
  • Water output?
  • What capacity?
  • Infrastructure type?
  • Standalone or part of?
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